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Dos Navigator - powerful Dos Shell with an intuitive multi-windowed text-mode interface and all necessary tools within. Freeware. Source Pascal code is also available. Igator - two-way personal maisadsl gateway between Internet E-Mail and Fidonet NetMail, based on POP3/SMTP and FTS-0001. OS/2 and Win32 versions available.
The Bat! - award-winning powerful e-mail client with a friendly, neat interface. It has every feature that an advanced user will ever need.
Argus - free for non-commercial use, Open Source, multi-line mailer for secured corporative FTN-networks and a pioneer of working with both Dial-up and IP transports simultaneously.
TinyWeb - the smallest web server daemon for Win32 with CGI support, free for commercial and non-commercial use, written in Delphi, source code is included. Secure (https) connections are handled by TinySSL that supports SSL v2 / v3 and TLS v1.
DkLib - free library, a set of high-level functions to encrypt text and / or add a digital signature to it using RSA (up to 4096 bits(!)), IDEA & MD5 algorithms. Data packet and key (keyrings) format is compatible with PGP (RFC-1991).

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