IGATOR is two-way personal e-mail gateway between two wide-area networks: FidoNet(tm) (or any other FTN-based network) and Internet.

IGATOR is a Freeware. Read the licence for details, mail us stef@ritlabs.com

IGATOR provides a possibility to members of FidoNet to work with their Internet addresses (which should be obtained from Internet providers) using traditional FidoNet Mail-reading/writing tools, so they do not have to have additional Internet mail editors and a direct Internet connection (via dial-up or leased) at all.

The current version of IGATOR allows its user to have as many Internet addresses as he/she needs, those addresses can be located not only on the machine where IGATOR is installed but wherever a user can obtain an Internet address (for example, some Internet service providers give POP3 mail boxes for free), the only condition is that POP3 protocol must be supported by the system. If Inet.Mail Server for OS/2 by Hethmon Brothers is installed on local machine, POP3 service is not necessary - IGATOR can get e-mail directly from users' home directories configured in Inet.Mail Server.

IGATOR is designed to work with FidoNet messages using directory where messages are stored in FTS-0001 (*.MSG) format. If a FidoNet message to be gated has file attachments, it can be sent in MIME-format or the files are included as an inline UU-coded information (this feature is configured for each users personally).

For servers where the size of mail messages is counted (for commercial or statistical purposes), the count of incoming and outgoing mail is implemented.

Special requirements for machine where IGATOR is installed:

Download IGATOR v1.4, released 15-Jun-1998

* IGATOR for Win32 (114K)

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