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Dos Navigator

Dos Navigator Version 1.51 FREEWARE with Source Code Released!

Welcome to Dos Navigator © RIT Research Labs - a comprehensive DOS shell working under MS-DOS, OS/2, MS Windows, Unix, etc.

Intuitive multi-windowed text-mode interface provides the most easy and efficient way to use your personal computer. Dos Navigator includes a lot of burn-in tools, gathered together to save a lot of your time & money.

Owning Dos Navigator means that you own an award-winning file manager, powerful text Editor, Archive Manager, Serial Link, Spreadsheet, Calculator, Physical Disk Editor, powerful Terminal with Phonebook, Floppy Disk Formatter, Environment Editor, File Uneraser, CD Player, Disk Image Unpacker, SmartPad(tm) and even Tetris!

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User Friendly!

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DN line - breakthrough in VFS (by Nikolai Bezroukov)

Stefan Tanurkov about Dos Navigator (in Russian)

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