R00ted by: Lord Choo3s of Silver Lords

SILVERLORDS OWNZ .pl!! hey Poland friends, We're hacking your country!!

irc.brasnet.org #silverlords

Wanna a g00d place to mirror your defacements I have one for ya guys!!

defaced.alldas.de <-- Just mail defaced@alldas.de

Webmaster, please do the command mv index.bak index.html That will fix your site, cuz the exploit I've already patch :)

We're: Lord Choo3s - ScorpionKTX - f0ul - Macwiz - Mirinda

Shoutz to: The Itch, parag0n, Data Cha0s, Insanity Zine Corp, Prime Suspectz, Coyz, Furia.br, GForce Pakistan, WFD, Scurvy, Datagram, psaux, NiTeZ, philer, Topeira, and all my friends