"7th June 2001y.
The next simple day in my life..
What do you want to hack today..?
T.H.C tm Ru1e2.."

from: T.H.C tm ..

Another day in underground.. It's my world, my second world..
I don't like Admin's who don't do anything to security their system's..
I'm a hacker, don't think that the hacker's are bad.. I don't delete
anything from your disk..(without logs).. Do you know what I could do..?
But we have our etic's.. We aren't thief or criminalist.. We only learn about
security in networks, internet..

"Mozesz powstrzymac mnie, ale nigdy nie pwstrzymasz nas wszystkich..!"

Gr33ts g03s t0:

tyytuS, Analayzer, Em5de5, MonoMen, DeMaDeS, r00bi, Iceluck, MRHack, jerry, Majdom, craYfish, holomouse, nightdrg, incisor, base0xe000, MatriX778, exter, Slaught3r, JaDee007, Azido, kirmak, ajr0n, airot, Ma-rYu-sH, Ravi, _phantom_, oswald, BrX, _Normal_, m3rlin, trewqruth
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p0lish h4x0r5..

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