Who the hell is zyklon? go here for the msnbc story.
is it just me, or is it really fucked up that the secret service or whoever the fucks are can arrest someone just for using the name zyklon? i mean.. they take his name off some hacked sites, go on irc and /whois zyklon, get a warrant, and take him to jail. end of story. oh yes this definatly makes him GUILTY BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT :P what ever happened to INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY? using the name zyklon on irc *hardly* makes him guilty of anything! half the time i have to wait for my nick on irc because some other faggot has it! oh yeah to any fed reading this, i also demand that you give zeronine and diesl0w their computers back OR ELSE@#%! i want to see zyklon, diesl0w, and zeronine back online within a week, or you can expect some more gH world domination.
shout-outs (or as msnbc would say, "hacker slang for words of praise for a fellow hacker":
mosthated, zeronine, diesl0w, zyklon, madli0n, fred, ne0h, inS, eklipz, metalman, rhodie, aXion, ka0z, ice-e, spacegoat, all of gH,, packetstorm, and HNN.

anti-shouts to:
the feds, the secret service, forpaxe, and anyone standing in the way of gH world domination.

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